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Rosebud makes it easy for anyone to build and maintain an impactful journaling practice

Five minute daily check-ins

Rosebud helps you dig deeper into your experience and surface meaningful insights
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Extract insights and uncover your patterns

Entries are summarized and reflected back to you

Key insights are surfaced with each journaling session

Track people, topics, and moods without lifting a finger

Rosebud helps you identify meaningful goals

A journal a day keeps the Sunday scaries away

After just 7 days with Rosebud, people are experiencing notable improvements.

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Our community is growing and thriving

Rosebud is transforming lives worldwide
Rosebud is a revelation for anyone new to, currently, or returning to journaling.
Lauren B.
This has helped me more in 5 minutes than my therapist has in 2 months
Oliver T.
This is really helping me with grief from my husband’s recent and sudden death.
Jamie B.
There are very few products for which I’d be genuinely sad if I could never use again. Rosebud is one of them.
Andrew J.
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Proven frameworks, made interactive

Personal growth tools, brought to life by AI.

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Thousands of people use Rosebud to cope, contemplate, celebrate, and thrive!
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