Journaling for Men: Why It’s Hugely Beneficial

Hazel Miller
Hazel Miller

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November 29, 2023

Can taking up journaling as a man help you to lead a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life? Well, we certainly think so, and in fact, many of the benefits of journaling for men are backed up by scientific fact. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover the cold, hard truth about writing therapy and how putting pen to paper can hugely benefit the masculine man. So here’s why you should start writing, bullet journaling, or taking up a gratitude journal.

Key Takeaways icon

Key Takeaways

  • Journaling can help unlock suppressed trauma and negative emotions.
  • The benefits of journaling for men extend from mental and emotional well-being to potential advantages within business.
  • Journaling provides a private, safe space for men to express themselves without judgment.
  • Regular journaling requires commitment but offers benefits backed by science.
  • Men should start journaling to develop emotional intelligence and creativity.

Stress Is A Killer 

The modern workday puts significant pressure on men. Gone are the days of ‘family-first’, and now men are expected to manage work-related stress on a daily basis, with no light at the end of the tunnel in terms of downtime or self-care.

Sadly, chasing a career these days means that many men fail to prioritize their own mental health, and consistently working long hours with minimal time for relaxation can lead to a need to be ‘productive and busy.’ This eventually leads to feelings of anxiety and depression, which society seems to expect men to suppress and deal with alone[1].

If you’re trying to become a better man, then making a habit of journaling can help you minimize the impact stress has on the body. Like hitting the gym to work on your physical form, mental health, and self-improvement can take time and effort. Plus, forming a new habit can be tricky to nail down. But with dedication and a journaling schedule, you, too, can start to benefit from the stress relief of journaling practice.

So, to combat stress head-on, get ready for a lot more ‘dear diary’ and reap the rewards of affirmations, writing therapy, and keeping a daily journal.

It’s Not Only Women Who Struggle With Mental Health Problems 

While many people argue that men and women are the same, the truth is there are scientific differences between both sexes, and stress can have a profoundly different effect on men than it does on women. 

If we look at the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey that was carried out in 2007, we can see that women are more likely than men to have considered suicide, yet the data found men were more likely than women to actually carry out the act and take their own life. This reinforces the idea that men are just as likely to struggle with mental health problems, but rather than consider their emotions, reflect on their challenges, and seek help, they bottle up the negative thoughts until they can’t handle them any longer[2].

This is why writing therapy and using a bullet journal for men to tackle dark thoughts and difficult emotions is key to fighting back against anxiety, stress, and depression. Rather than speaking to another human being, which would be very beneficial, journaling provides a safe and private space to channel these thoughts and feelings without having to say anything aloud or admit inner struggles to loved ones. For some men, journaling can act as a gateway to seeking professional help and support and can be a lifeline when facing such mental health problems. 

Great men understand that self-development is a journey, not a destination, and it takes goal-setting to achieve remarkable results. But, if you’re not sure where to get started when it comes to a journal entry, use journal prompts to get those creative juices flowing. Expressive writing, especially about yourself, might feel a little weird at first. But at the end of the day, a daily routine that includes this time for self-reflection can transform your life for the better. So, invest in the best journal you can find, whether it be a notebook, bullet journal, or men's journal app, and put your mental health first!

3 Reasons Why Journaling Is Good For Men - Backed By Science 

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for: the truth about journaling for men and why you should invest in a digital journal or digital notebook like Rosebud or traditional fountain pen and notebook if you want to invest in your mental and physical health. 

1. Developing Emotional Intelligence

If you’re looking to outsmart your peers and give yourself an edge over others within society as a whole, journaling is a hobby you should take up. According to Martins, Ramalho & Morin 2010, emotional intelligence is positively associated with mental and physical health, and journaling might well lead to better health overall by increasing one’s own emotional intelligence. 

By spending time journaling and understanding your own thoughts, ideas, and mental health, you will experience an increased ability to understand, process, and utilize emotions and observe them in others. And greater emotional awareness comes hand in hand with an increased capacity to deal with emotions[3].

2. Live A Healthier & Longer Life 

There are scientific studies that have found a link between writing therapy and journaling for men and immune system benefits. Psychologists and researchers have found that writing about suppressed trauma and giving your body the opportunity to ‘release’ these feelings can strengthen your immune system, and holding onto them can actually weaken your immune response. Since the immune system is your body’s natural defense against disease, journaling can theoretically help you live longer as a male[4].

To uncover trauma from your past, try out one-sentence journaling with the help of journaling prompts. This type of journaling style can help guide you to look deep inside yourself and be brutally honest with your past experiences. It’s a bit of a ‘rip the bandage’ off approach that can help you focus on releasing the negative emotions that you’ve tried to lock away over the years without having to explain why you felt that way or how you plan to move forward. By just getting down on paper or via an app how you felt, you can quickly move forward and progress without the heavy baggage potentially holding you back.

3. Creative Writing For Innovation

Another benefit men can gain from starting a journal is creativity and innovation. Let’s say you run a business and feel as though you're in a rut in terms of product development or marketing strategy. Journaling on a daily basis can spark your imagination, especially if you use your journal for creative writing and jotting down ideas and thoughts. By practicing creative writing on a regular basis, you will allow your creative thoughts to flow more freely and experience a surge in creativity and innovation that you didn’t have before. So keep a notepad close by and let your creative juices flow freely onto the page.

FAQs About Journaling for Men

The type of journal you use depends on how you enjoy writing down ideas and thoughts. For some people, a journaling app is best as you can work on your mental health while on the go. For other men, a bullet journal is best it allows you to create your own sections, color scheme and note-taking system. If you’re completely new to journaling, try a simple lined notebook and pen to start.
If you’re not sure what to write down to gain the many benefits of journaling for men, use journal prompts to help your feelings and ideas flow freely. Journal prompts can be easily found online with a quick Google search. Prompts tend to feature questions designed to get you to consider your feelings and self-reflect.
Most men enjoy putting down their ideas on paper or setting goals first thing in the morning over a coffee. But you can also journal at night in order to calm your racing thoughts and enjoy a more peaceful night's sleep.
Practice makes perfect, right? So, the more you incorporate journaling into your daily routine, the better. For anyone new to journaling, once a week is a good place to start. Once you’ve nailed this down, try to journal every day.
Journaling and self-reflection come with a vast number of mental wellness benefits, and they can also improve productivity levels and your overall performance. When you understand yourself in a more meaningful way, you can gain a stronger sense of self-focus on what you want to achieve and accomplish while also improving your productivity levels.

Ready To Start Journaling?

If you want to unlock the many benefits of journaling as a man but prefer apps over traditional pen and paper, give Rosebud a go. As the #1 AI-powdered journaling app for mental well-being and personal growth, Rosebud can help both men and women invest in self-care and mental wellness.


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